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750ml custom bespoke whiskey glass bottle

750ml custom bespoke whiskey glass bottle

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Custom bespoke whiskey bottle design is one of the best ways of making your brand stand out among the countless other products on the shelf. With a custom whiskey bottle,many characteristics of your brand could be conveyed at a glance- elegance, luxury, masculinity or femininity, complexity, tradition, quality and many others. It also allows you to add embossing text or patterns - another way of really distinguishing your whiskey bottle.

At Changyou Glass, we are especially suited to help you develop your own custom whiskey bottle to complement your branding and concept. When you already have a completed design, our engineers will create 3D drawings of whiskey bottle free of charge; and while you may think customization is expensive, our bespoke molds are extremely affordable, with sampling molds starting around USD1000 and full sets of production molds from USD1500~2500. Comparable American or European supplier could charge ten times as much for an equivalent set of molds. Besides, generally speaking, our MOQ is 10000pcs~20000pcs at the beginning.

Whiskey bottle decoration is another key element you must consider when developing your brand and designing your whiskey bottle. Decoration encompasses all design aspects that are applied after the whiskey glass bottle itself has been produced. This includes coloration, frosting, decal printing, labeling, and any other modifications. It is a cost-effective options on make your unique decoration on our standard glass bottle, saving the mould cost.

About packaging, as a packaging solution provider, we are able to supply you different packaging for whiskey bottle according to your requirements. For example, individual box, 6 pack/12 pack printed box or pallet with cardboard divider.

As a Chinese leading supplier of whiskey glass container, we focus on managing different Chinese supply chain to meet your needs. With so many options to choose from for your product, we’re committed to providing only the cost-effective solution with good quality.

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