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In cosmetic products, the container is more important than the content – glass

In cosmetic products, the container is more important than the content – glass

Everything comes in visually, and marketing experts know that all too well. Any product we want to sell, no matter how simple it may seem, must be attractive, and it must be able to trigger the triple desire mechanism that leads to purchase: approach it, get it, and finally own it.

The complex world of containers, called packaging, is crucial in the world of cosmetics. This realm is the only realm where the container and everything it conveys exceeds the content.

Elegance and status: they are determined by the shape and material of the container. Glass bottles with attractive caps and colors reflect elegance and are associated with high social status.

Beauty: A beautiful container creates in the viewer a sense of pleasure and a desire to own the object.

Youthful Vitality: Certain colorful designs, in straight lines or asymmetrical shapes, connect with young clients and convey a desire for life and a belief in the future.

Material, one of the elements that determines the communication of information, it is able to send its own message, it does this through color, shape, size, typography, and especially the material from which it is made.

Glass, without a doubt, the most popular cosmetic packaging material is glass. Its main characteristics are pressure and high temperature resistance, as well as non-deformable properties. It won’t rust, it’s 100% recyclable, and it lets you see what’s inside.

Glass is the best material to keep the product properties intact because it is completely neutral. It doesn’t transfer smell, doesn’t change color, and has a much longer shelf life than other materials. Durability and elegance are its standout features. Glass allows a wide variety of designs and formats and makes high-relief printing easier to work with.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023

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