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Oil glass bottle

Oil glass bottle

Changyou Glass is a professional packaging solution provider, having over 15 years’ experience in both custom design and standard glass containers with bottle closures. A innovative team, which also consist of engineer and designer, working closely with clients and production.

As a Chinese leading supplier of glass container, we focus on managing different Chinese supply chain to meet your needs. With so many options to choose from for your product, we’re committed to providing only the cost-effective solution with good quality.

 We would like to introduce you a new glass bottle product in our company :

Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle, Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set with 17oz/500ml Cooking Oil Container Glass Carafe, Oil Pourer Spout, Funnel and Labels

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About this item

  • CLASSY COOKING OIL DISPENSER BOTTLE FOR KITCHEN DECORATIVE:It can meet your daily sauces(oil, vinegar, and soy sauce) needs, providing you with a convenient and quality life. Using oil pour bottles instead of large plastic bottles makes it easy to manage and keep your countertop and table clean, a more comfortable kitchen environment.
  • SEALED AND NON-DRIP OLIVE OIL POUR SPOUT:The biggest difference between this bottle and other cooking oil bottle is the spout. They aren’t messy like the auto flip spouts. The easy-to-use spout allows you to control how much oil comes out with a simple finger flick. The opening of the oil can be closed tight, which can do a great job of sealing and keep bugs and dust out.
  • IDEAL OLIVE OIL CONTAINER FOR EVERYDAY LIFE:17oz capacity is about one week of Kitchen oil usage amount, effectively keep the oil fresh.one 18/8 stainless aided funnel helps fill and refill the liquid easily without leakages, always keep your bottle clean.
  • DISPENSER THE DESIGN AMOUNT OF OIL FOR A HEALTHIER DIET:Slowly pour the oil to better control the use of oil, prevent the oil from accumulating in the pan or salad, so as to better control the oil and make you feel more like a professional chef. At the same time, you can hold the dispenser bottle with one hand, and there is no unbearable weight, ergonomic design.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:Changyou glass pursues environmental protection, uses high-quality glass bottles, and we do our best to protect the products while reducing packaging, so if you have any issues with the products you receive, please feel free to contact us and we will solve the issues to your satisfaction.


An “In-dispensable” Part of the Kitchen

  • Compared with other oil pourers, upgraded oil pourer gives you more peace of mind.
  • The snap-close top does not leave the oil open to the air all the time.An easy-to-use and drip-free spout,the opening of the oil can be closed tight, which can do a great job of sealing and keep dust and bugs out.
  • It’s easy to open with one hand and hold there while you pour, you can press the black head to control oil flow, it dispenses the right amount for a healthier diet and will not be as messy as the”always-opening”oil dispenser.


Olive Oil Dispenser with Sealed and No-Drip Spout

  • The stopper has an entire rubber seal screw, food grade soft rubber material can enhance the tightness of the bottle spout and prevent liquid leakage after the oil bottle is tilted. All one piece of rubber stopper is easier to clean than metal, vent design can make the oil flow more smoothly, and at the same time, we also provide an additional oil pour spout for replacement. Keeping everything clean.


Meet the Daily Needs of Cruet Set

  • Oil dispenser bottles set with three large oil bottle (17oz) are suitable for the distribution of essential liquids (oil, vinegar and soy sauce) in the daily kitchen. At the same time,three packs are more affordable,17oz capacity is about one week of cooking oil usage amount,effectively keep the oil fresh.

Post time: Jun-07-2021

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