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The whiskey in the different country

The whiskey in the different country

The 12 Year Old is a whisky that demands respect. The single malt’s creamy, smooth finish and notes of vanilla make it flawless neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail—try an Old Fashioned or a Whisky Sour. But what if you want to turn an at-home pour into more of an inimitable drinking experience?

Easy. Check out the video above for four unconventional tricks to try when you’re in the mood for something extra special. Then revel in the fact that you and your fellow drinking companions are damn dram sophisticated without ever having to head to a bar.

The most famous and revered of all the Whisky producing countries. Despite the country’s small size, the range of whiskies available from Scotland is incredible, from the briney and peaty flavours of Islay Whisky and Island Whiskies to the lighter, sweet whiskies often found in Speyside. Notable producers include Johnnie Walker, Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, The Macallan, Glenfiddich and The Glenlivet.

The whiskeys of America tend to have more spicy notes and a vanilla sweetness, due to the new, charged-oak barrels that are used for maturation of Bourbon, especially. This massive generalisation doesn’t do the range of whiskey styles justice, however. American Whiskeys include Bourbons, Ryes, Tennessee Whiskeys and Straight Corn Whiskey, all of which offer a distinct flavour profile. More recently, the craft distilling movement has led to even greater variety, led by the likes of St. George Spirits and Balcones.

The whisky production methods of Japan most closely resemble those of Scotch Whisky, and the results speak for themselves. Multi-award winning producers Suntory and Nikka have proven credentials in consistently producing excellent whiskies including single malts from Yamazaki, Hakushu, Yoichi and Miyagikyo. Whisky from the closed distillery of Karuizawa, meanwhile, has become the stuff of legend including releases of the kind of vintages rarely seen outside of Scotland.

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